How to Write a Thesis Statement: Both Good and Bad


Are you writing a paper and you are lost about how to develop a thesis statement? It may seem confusing at first, but the truth is, thesis statements are not difficult to formulate. Learn and embrace this guide that provides step-by-step approach, comprising of both good and bad formulation of thesis statements.

What does a thesis statement mean?

For a statement to qualify as a thesis statement, it should follow the below criteria:

  1. It should be made of one sentence or two in the beginning of the research paper
  2. The main topic MUST be mentioned
  3. You should explain what the paper will be all about
  4. Make a statement that does not sound obvious, or else someone differ with the topic before going through the paper
  5. Your opinion should be included
  6. It ought to be based on facts that will be discussed in the paper

Tips of writing a good thesis statement

When you have a paper to work on, it is possible to be in a dilemma of what thesis statement to use. It is critical to remember that the thesis statement serves as guidance when writing a paper. The following steps will help in coming up with an excellent thesis statement

  1. Do a thorough research- this helps in understanding the type and quantity of data available to handle that paper. Though more research will be needed in the writing, an overview of the topic should be conducted before drafting the thesis statement
  2. Be free to write about the topic. It helps to write what you know first about the topic. Any research done should be included. One should think about issues and questions relating to the topic
  3. Underline ideas that you think might contribute to a good thesis statement
  4. After underlining, got through each of the ideas and see which one makes more sense that the other
  5. Come up with a short list that includes minor points that will be used in making the thesis statement
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Examples of Thesis Statements: Too Obvious

The Bad

The War of 1812 happened before the Civil War. (bad example)

It is a bad example since it is straight to the point and needs no prove. Anyone can figure out when the war happened.

The Good

Even though this alternative may be historically challenged, it would make a strong thesis statement if well supported

The War of 1812 set into motion the central occasions that triggered the Civil War. (good example)

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